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Central Control

Most H|T smart home projects come with a centralized Lenovo control tablet. The 8in tablet contains all apps needed to control and monitor your system with room to accomodate additional H|T technology.


The backbone of our H|T smart home network begins here. The Gryphon system combines outstanding speed, security and controls. Its tri-band design has a dedicated backhaul channel and the router automatically optimizes it's data flow flawlessly.

Lighting Controls

Remotely take control of your indoor and outdoor lighting! Set schedules and create scenes. Save money by having your lights turn off when you aren't home and feel safe by having either the indoor or outdoor turn on before you get home.


We install top-of-the-line indoor and outdoor A/V products for any and all applications. Products include Yamaha, Dayton Audio, B&O, BlueSound, LG, etc.


From building out your commercial or residential network, to alarm systems and video surveillance... we can install the right system for your residence or business.

Entry Access

Premium biometric smart locks that reads fingerprints, uses dual-encrypted codes AND even a traditional key! You can grant your visitors, family member or contractors temporary codes for scheduled access.

TV w/ expandable audio

Have a new TV you need mounted? or need a quality soundbar added to an already mounted TV?  With HarfordTrust, we can assess your needs and create the beginnings of a scalable whole home audio system.  Start in one or two rooms, then add rooms later at your leisure!  Our consultations have options to include outdoor, patio, and poolside audio within the same audio eco-system you choose!

Get started and contact us for a consultation today!

Whole House Audio

Let H|T help you start your whole house, indoor/outdoor audio. We can assist you in choosing the best solution that falls within your taste, needs and budget. Each brand has their own advantages and unique style when it comes to multi-room streaming. With our consultation, your experience will be built correctly from the beginning.


Minimalist design with a wealth of options. Wireless surround sound, network drives, cd rippers, network streamers...etc. BlueSound is a better alterative to Sonos and budget friendly whole house hi-fi audio solution.


Yamaha has a streaming enabled turntable and seamless integration from indoor speakers to a range of outdoor weatherproof speakers. An age-old reliable brand with a wealth of flexibility at a reasonable price point.

Bang & Olufsen

Where lavish Danish design and technology intersects. B&O is the leader of innovative, luxury hi-fidelity products. Their clean designs and color variety makes it easy to blend into any decor. Best-in-class, luxury high fidelity audio.

B&O Products H|T can get installed for you!

H|Trust has certified B&O technicians on staff, so we can take any B&O project from start to finish with confidence.

Learn more from B&O here


Equipped with motorized speaker panels, this beautiful TV audio unit comes in 65in, 77in, 83in and in a variety of colors. It also accomodates the expansion to multiple speakers wirelessly.


The Beosound Theatre is a high-end Dolby Atmos soundbar that serves both as a home cinema sound system and premium Bluetooth audio system...and the most powerful soundbar on the planet.


A popular wireless speaker set that packs a wealth of crisp highs, solid mids and powerful lows. Beam-width and integrated streaming technology makes this the all-in-one premium package a must have.


 The acoustic lens evenly distributes the upper frequencies in a 180-degree horizontal arc, delivering superior sound experiences across your room, not just in front of your speaker.


A powerful pair of  floor-standng, active B&O speakers that come in different color schemes. Beam-width control fine tunes the audio that makes this speaker a cut above the rest. 


Add extra depth and uncover new details in films and music with this progressive subwoofer. Every technical detail is engineered to capture the precise emotions in even the lowest frequencies.

Alicia Keys and Swizz beats

- Oceanside Mansion has been fully equipped with Bang and Olufsen A/V -

Harmony & 28's

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