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A customized unit that you can only get here, HarfordTrust.

We present to you the H-Series. Our partners at GEIGN.net assisted in our vision of taking Bang & Olufsen's speaker system from a permanant wall fixture to a flexible and floating piece of custom audio art. If you were interested in the product, but didn't desire dedicating a wall to it... it's not an obstacle anymore.

The H-Series can even be used in commercial spaces like lounges, lobbies, conference rooms etc. The system can be outfitted with a line-in transmitter to accomodate a person using a mic to talk thru the system.

If you choose to own more than one, they can be joined together to play the same audio via airplay2, bluetooth or chromecast via multiroom in Bang & Olufsen's app. Filling your home or business with a one-of-a-kind, floating audio art system is not a dream anymore.... H|T has made it a reality!

  • Personal: Create your unit with our grahics gallery, photos of family, favorite sports team, car collection, music artists, favorite cities, etc.
  • Business: Catch 2 of the 5 senses immediately with this unit. Pull your audience in with a visual and audio experience they won't forget! Utilize the tiles for logos or use QR codes on the tiles for marketing condominiums, properties or products.
  • The floating auditory art is fluid! Easily rearrange tiles or interchange them with new graphics to give it a fresh look or new branding!
  • Do you have a high traffic area? Generate revenue by selling tile space to partnering businesses!
The photos are only examples of what your system can look like. Use your imagination by utilizing our growing 40+ custom tile gallery or submit your own photos.

The return value of the H-Series is priceless!

H1 + H2 

H1 - Atum

The H1 Atum is our aesthetically balanced system that is sure to be a focal point in any setting. Walnut legs with black trim completes the overall warmth of this unit.

Height approx: 5.5ft


The H2 Talic is mounted on a marble-coated, modern glass base with a silver support armature. Also comes in Black/Gold and White/Gray.

Height approx. 6ft 

Each H|T system is comprised of:

  • Bang & Olufsen Base Unit - 8 tiles, 4 speakers, 1 amplfier (8x80 watt)

  • 8 custom H|T overlays with graphics of your choice.

  • Custom-crafted H|T floating interface with floorstand.

  • Integrated surge protection power unit.

  • Dedicated Gryphon network

  • Lenovo Control Pad with mount.

  • *Optional Smart LED backlight 

  • *Optional Subwoofer

H-Series units will be  $9699/ea. as of 1/1/2024 - Price includes all taxes delivery and installation within 30 miles of Washington DC, Baltimore and Philadelphia PA areas.

*Additional delivery, freight & install fees may apply to areas outside the metropolitan areas stated above.

Pre-Orders save $900! Units are $8799/ea. from 7/1 till 12/31/2023 ! 

*The H-Series are custom made units, please allow 4-8 weeks from processed payment to delivery*

The B&O speaker system that lies beneath thE H-Series

Between our operations in Maryland, marketing and technical support in Philadelphia, we are working hard to start delivering and installing the H-Series as soon as 8/2023. Any questions, feel free to use the contact form or use the email address below.

Remaining H|T details:

  • We are a technical concierge service. We make lives easier by acquiring and installing the best technology for your residential and small to medium commercial needs. We are not wholesalers or an authorized dealer of any specific product.

  • We work closely with our technical consultants out of Philadelphia, GEIGN.net. They have 1st hand experience and extensive knowledge in working on products including Invid, Lorex, B&O, Honeywell, Utec, Yamaha, etc.

  • All units are made to order. All sales are final.

  • All invoices and billing arrangements are managed by our Sr. partner GEIGN.net.

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