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Who is Harford Trust. We are a team joined together by fast-paced technology, integrated design, common-sense functionality and exceptional service. 

What do we do? We scour the technology market and find the best solutions for the most common tasks and keep it simple. We can outfit your home, airbnb, vacation home, office or a business with everything you need. Unlike salespeople, we are service based, so we don't upsell on products or features that aren't a necessity to your specific project.

Harford Trust is a highly detailed concierge service. We listen, organize and manage your project from beginning to end. We are fortunate to have our experienced 'hands-on-deck' partner (GEIGN.net) to handle installs. Our seamless partnership allows us to focus even more on the client-first H|T experience.

Harford Trust operates mostly within the New Jersey, Philadelphia, Maryland, DC and South Florida, so there isn't an area we can't service! Currently we are working to establish a presence in other metropolitan areas.  Feel free to ask us anything about your project via email, we will get back to you shortly.

Project Consultation

With our free consultation we can assess your needs and options. We will aggregate the information, then provide you with detailed information that will include product & installation. 

Get a No-Obligation, Free Analysis of your project.

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*H|T is a GEIGN.net partner.
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