We are looking to partner with Luxury Technology Consultants between the Philadelphia and DC areas. You wonder, What do I do? What's the market and upside? What's the pay?

Listen....this could be the easiest and most rewarding use of your spare time you could imagine.

Below is the complete process.

What Do I Have To Do?

In  short, not much more than you already do, besides adding a title to your repertoire. When meeting new people, talking to friends or promoting online to your circles of influence, just let them know you are also a Luxury Technology Consultant.  When they inquire about it, you let them know you do in-home or in-business walkthru/consultations for tech solutions from A/V, security cameras, automation, etc.  Don't worry, we accompany you to the consultation so you learn the process in real time. 

What's the market/upside?

For the past 2 years we have been installing luxury A/V in the top 5 percent homes and vacation homes. There is a huge void in the residential market, let alone the commercial assets like upscale hotels, bars, yoga studios, coffee shops, etc.

The upside? As you casually build a client base, you will become the goto tech consultant in that upper echelon community. You personally build your reputation while we do the work! It's pretty much a win-win opportunity!

Luxury A/V

     Most luxury interior designed spaces we've experienced are beautiful BUT seem to miss something.... Luxury A/V. Clients renovate or purchase multi-million dollar condos or estates just to feel deflated when listening to TV speakers across a large room. The designer failed to address audio. They will then spend more money and hire an AV company to wire up generic audio after the space is complete. Imagine sitting in these spaces in the above photos and trying to hear the TV, especially if you have company and others are talking.

These are perfect opportunities for introducing H|T and its ability to arrange ordering, delivery and install of whole home audio systems....making a simple solution for the client. 

*Indoor audio we specialize in is Bang&Olufsen, BlueSound and Yamaha. Outdoor audio: Yamaha & Dayton Audio*

What's the pay?

For getting a lead that turns into a sale+install, the commission is 7%.  It may not sound like much, but when dealing in luxury a/v the numbers add up fast.

We've witnessed some sales totalling 200k, in which the rep received a 15k commission check. Of course these are reps that worked their way into their own high-end network, cultivated relationships and became their goto consultant on all tech projects. 

If you are interested in becoming a partner and want to know more?.... let us know. 

Contact Us.

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email. tcs@harfordtrust.com
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*Walk-thru appointments are mostly scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays.

*H|T is a GEIGN.net partner.

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