Deep Scan

Data Recovery

Deleted files by accident? or have an old PC that you need photos or documents from? Let us assist you in getting your data back. As long as the device mechanically functions, we can get most likely get your sensitive data back from re-formats, data corruption and accidental deletions. 

All drives from internal, external, sd cards to usb sticks can be examined.

The Process

We secure your drives and you let us know the type of files that need to be recovered. We will then get to work on running a deep scan on the drive. Once files are located, we will then extract them to another drive. Lastly, we will return the original drive and a drive that contains the recovered data.

The cost to recover files from storage drives up to 1TB is $389. This includes the cost of a new drive containing the recovered data. 

It's just that simple, so contact us today!

*Data recovery service is conducted by our partners at GEIGN.net

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